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15 Minutes Away on Foot: Visit the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

September 19, 2011
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Photo by Author.

This week, we highlight The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, located on LaFayette Square at 222 East Harris Street (at the intersection of Abercorn Street and East Harris Street.

The Cathedral’s congregation has grown from a small Catholic parish, composed of primarily French-Catholic immigrants, called the Congrégation de Saint Jean-Baptiste, in late 1700’s. The present-day gothic Cathedral was constructed in 1900 after the previous Cathedral (located on the same lot) was almost completely destroyed in a 1898 fire. A full restoration of the Cathedral was completed in 2000 – in time for the 100th anniversary of the Cathedral and the 150th anniversary of the diocese. Today, the Cathedral and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Savannah serves 90 counties in mid and south Georgia.

The Cathedral is open to the public daily from 9:00 am 5:00 pm, except during midday mass and Sunday services. Services are held daily (midday mass and Sunday services) – the public is welcome to attend all services. Admission to the Cathedral is free, but donations are welcomed and there are some souvenirs (post cards, history books of the Cathedral, etc) available for purchase.

Getting to the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist from the Catherine Ward House Inn by foot is extremely easy. From door to door, it takes as little as 7-12 minutes to walk between the two.

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