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September 16, 2011

In our brief moments of downtime at the Catherine Ward House, we find ourselves drawn to a number of different blogs and websites. This month I’ve found myself musing over different centerpiece and simple tablescape ideas. The problem I’ve found with most centerpieces is that they fall into one of a few categories: themed, “wedding,” and over the top. Few seem to have a tasteful balance of theme (or overall mood), scale, and practicality. What we’ve found over the years at the Catherine Ward House is that our mother was right, when it comes to centerpieces (and nearly everything in life), you’ve got to remember to KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid.

While themed centerpieces are great when you are having a party, they can be limited in their lifespan. Not to mention needing to store all the themed elements until the next year. Who wants Easter (or Valentines Day, 4th of July, Halloween, or birthday) centerpieces up 3 weeks after the event?

“Wedding” centerpieces, like themed ones, have their time and place – at weddings. But for everyday centerpieces, these can feel a bit to formal and planned. Not to mention they can fill up the table – leaving little room for coffee and juice carafes

As far as over the top goes – this centerpieces can be quite lovely, if only someone said “stop” about 3 flowers sooner.

When planning centerpieces and flowers, I much prefer to keep the arrangement simple and have a more seasonal than holiday or event specific theme. (Themes could also be a single color or shade) This method allows the entire arrangement to last longer, and for fading elements to be removed and either replaced or pair down the arrangement without loosing the overall tone. And also, remember scale. Those super tall centerpieces at a wedding? They work great in that setting, but on a table set for 4 – go with something a bit more subdued.

Here are some great blogs and links about centerpieces and floral arrangements:

The always interesting (and sometimes over the top), Martha Stewart


Great tips on the “hows” of floral arranging from Perfect Entertaining

And to keep you in season, a whole slew of inspiration for Fall Centerpieces






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