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15 Minutes Away on Foot: Troup Square

September 12, 2011

This week, we highlight Troup Square, one of Savannah’s youngest squares, constructed in 1851 and named for former Georgia Governor, Congressman, and Senator, George Troup. Troup square has the distinction of being one of two squares in the entire city named for someone alive at the time of construction (the other is Washington Square).

Troup Square

A central iron Armillary Sphere stands in the center of Troup Square. Also of note in the square is a pet height drinking fountain, which is a replica of the base of a 9 foot tall drinking fountain donated to the city in 1897 by former Mayor Herman Myers. This fountain is used in the annual Blessing of the Animals ceremony performed in the square every year.

Surrounding the square is a number of early Victorian houses, 19th century apartment buildings, and the Unitarian Church of Savannah.

Getting to Troup Square from the Catherine Ward House Inn by foot is very easy. From door to door, it takes about 13-15 minutes to walk between the two.

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