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June 24, 2011

In our brief moments of downtime at the Catherine Ward House, we find ourselves drawn to a number of different blogs and websites. June seems to be the unofficial, official, wedding month. Strolling through Savannah in May and June it is difficult to not stumble upon countless weddings in the city’s squares and Forsyth Park. When I can’t seem to get my fill of weddings just by walking through Savannah’s historic district, I find myself drawn to the blog over at 100 Layer Cake.

I love daydreaming over the countless photos at 100 Layer Cake – the people always seem to be so happy (or “in the moment”) and the decor is unique to each ceremony – some are understated elegance (with tablescapes and details that remind me of the parlor and guest rooms at the Catherine Ward House Inn) and some so extravagant I can only imagine the planning involved.





*** My love for 100 Layer Cake has just jumped 10 fold – On Aug 11 they highlighted a gorgeous Savannah wedding held at the Jepson Center. Love that the wedding party and guests used the Savannah Pedicab Co (a great bicycle rickshaw taxi that works just for tips) ***


I should also add that when I can’t get enough weddings and honest (and sometimes quirky) life advice, I’m also a huge fan of A Practical Wedding and Offbeat Bride


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