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15 Minutes Away on Foot: Take in the Sights of Monterey Square

May 30, 2011
This week, we highlight Monterey Square. The first square north of Forsyth Park was constructed in 1847 and was named to commemorate the Mexican-American War Battle of Monterrey the year prior. Many consider Monterey Square to be one of the most picturesque square in Savannah.

Monterey Square. Photo by Author.

Monterey Square is most noted for its large monument to General Casimir Pulaski in the center of the square. The monument, constructed in 1853, underwent a complete restoration in the late 1990s, which was completed in 2001.

In addition to Pulaski’s monument, Monterey Square is known for it’s impressive collection of shops and significant houses/buildings. Surrounding Monterey Square is: The Mercer Williams House, Congregation Mickve Israel, Alex Raskin’s impressive antique store, Forklorico, V&J Duncan Antique Maps, and a number of residential row houses.

Getting to Monterey Square from the Catherine Ward House Inn by foot is very easy. From door to door, it takes about 5-7 minutes to walk between the two.
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