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Photo: Surprise Valentines Day Flowers

February 11, 2011


Surprise Valentines Day Flowers

Photo by Author.

How would you like to return to your room after a day of touring Savannah to find these flowers?

We always put fresh flowers or plants in our guest rooms and common areas, but from time to time our guests ask for something extra special. This Valentines Day weekend, one of our guests wanted to surprise his girlfriend with a great bouquet of flowers that she could take home. So while they were out touring for the day, we snuck this awesome bouquet that he had delivered into their room.

When the “extra special” flower order is simple, we are more than happy to pick up the flowers at our wholesale florist and only bill the guest the cost of the flowers and vase. For more elaborate orders, we recommend that guests contact one of the local florists in Savannah to have something arranged and delivered to the inn. We do this simply because the florists have access to a wide range of flowers and can create something extremely special for you (it’s what their job is!)

Some florist ideas for you:

Kiwi Fleur – phone: 912-352-0995

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