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“Midnight Change to Georgia” (or, How to Fund your Savannah Vacation)

January 14, 2011

We’ve all dreamed of taking more vacations. Heck, some of us dream of just taking one vacation. At times it seems like a vacation is just a mythical idea, something that will never be obtained because it is financially just out of reach.

Over this past New Years Eve we had a couple staying with us for their 5th time since 2006. After a full day out, the couple shared with us how they have managed to afford so many trips to Savannah (and the Catherine Ward House Inn) without ever feeling the pinch in their wallet.

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Their method is quite simple – next to their front door is a coin jar. Every time they come in the door they empty their pockets, purses, and billfolds of all coins AND all one-dollar bills that have any of their initials – first, middle, or last – into the jar. Using this method, the couple has funded 4-6 daylong trips to Savannah almost twice a year since 2006.

The couple said that because they only place coins and one-dollar bills in the jar, they rarely feel a pinch in their wallet and are able to rest easy in Savannah knowing nearly the entire trip has been paid for before their arrival.

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