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“What “stuff” should I bring on vacation?”

December 17, 2010

The great George Carlin did a sketch about “stuff” (if you don’t remember it, take a few minutes to go look it up on youtube – be warned, as with most Carlin material, there are a couple of choice words in this sketch). In his sketch, Carlin discusses the struggle of going on vacation – What of your “stuff” do you want to take with you? Where will you put your “stuff” once you get to your accommodation? And the frustration you feel if there is no room for your “stuff.”

I’d like to take some time today to respond to Carlin’s ponderings, in reverse order.

At some B&Bs, the décor is best described as “over-stuffed Victorian.” This style may appeal to some travelers, but over-filled bedside tables, vanities, or shelves are not “amenities.” It is not an amenity to have to continually juggle what is in or out of your suitcase because there is not enough room for you to put your toothbrush down in the bathroom (or hang up a coat, or place your souvenirs that you bought during the day). Amenities should be things that aid in making your stay more enjoyable, not features that infringe on your relaxation.

At the Catherine Ward House Inn, we realize that you will, inevitably, bring things with you for your trip. That is why you will always find ample shelving in the bathroom for your toiletries, hanging space (with hangers) for your clothes, bedside tables with room for your glasses/phone/computer/etc, and luggage racks for your bags.

So what “stuff” should you bring with you on your trip? I’d recommend asking any potential accommodation what amenities they have, to see if you can leave any of your “stuff” at home – Do they have a hairdryer? Shampoo/Conditioner? Bathrobes? Water/soda (for those who don’t like tap water)?

At the Catherine Ward House Inn, all of our rooms are supplied with a hairdryer, bathrobes, ample towels (of all sizes), shampoo, hand soap, shower gel, and hangers for your hanging clothes. We also provide WiFi, DVD players, mini fridges, ample stemware, bottle openers, glasses, and complementary sodas, water, and ice.

***When visiting Savannah, remember that it is a walker’s paradise, so don’t forget to pack your walking shoes along with the rest of your “stuff.”***

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